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Vermicomposting is an absolutely wonderful way to deal with food waste onsite. The finished products, vermi-compost and worm juice (vermi-tea) are wonderful organic fertilizers.

Vermicomposting can be endlessly fascinating, but it isn’t right for everyone. After a couple of years of online business, and after twenty-plus years of real-world business, we have decided that we need to revert to something that seems rather paradoxical, a low-tech website. We don’t want anyone to be able to push a button and order a worm bin and/or live worms from us. We want to talk to potential customers on the phone or have an email conversation so we can try to make sure that vermicomposting is a good fit for our customers’ lifestyles. Worms are small and quiet, but they are living animals.

Laverme’s Worms sells worms for $35 a pound. This price includes shipping within the SpeeDee Delivery zone, which includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and most of Illinois (Chicago is unfortunately outside the zone).  Shipping worms outside the SpeeDee zone will be slower, more expensive, and probably more hazardous to the worms—thus the decision as to whether or not to sell worms outside this zone will be decided on a case by case basis.

Worm survival in transit is doubtful during extreme weather, thus worms will not be shipped during frigid or very warm weather. 

Our 27 gallon standard household-size bin works very well for average households. This bin includes: a heavy duty 27 gallon bin; a vermicomposting booklet; a filter system; a spigot; black plastic sheeting to cover the bedding; peat bedding along with sand, powdered lime, blackstrap molasses, and worm juice, which will get the bin off to a roaring start; and a pound and a half of worms.  Depending upon circumstances, the worms may be shipped separately from the bin.
27 GALLON WORM BIN:  $185, plus shipping.

The 150 gallon bin includes a heavy-duty bin; a filter system; a drain pipe or spigot as requested; bedding (see above); black plastic sheeting (see above); a heavy duty wooden stand; 6 pounds of worms, and training for the personnel who will be caring for the bin.

Our 150 gallon standard institutional-size bin can handle approximately 200 pounds of waste per month if it is situated in a cool building. If the bin is in a warm room or building, the feeding capacity will drop--large amounts of compost create large amounts of heat, and a bin that is processing 200 pounds of food per month can heat or even overheat a small room quite easily. Ms. Sandbeck has used this phenomenon to her advantage, and for the past 10 winters has made her own 150 gallon bins heat their own building. This is a good trick in Duluth, Minnesota, where the temperature sometimes drops to 40 below in the winter.
150 GALLON WORM BIN:  $1,000, plus delivery charges.      

CUSTOM WORM BINS: as negotiated.

WORM JUICE: 59 ounce recycled bottle, $10 PLUS SHIPPING
One gallon jug, $20 plus shipping


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